Snooker Room Changes

Plans for the Snooker Room/Creation of a Second Lounge

To secure the long term future of the club and maintain (and develop) its facilities we need to increase our net income. The Committee is doing its utmost to minimise operating costs. We also need to increase weekly use of the club premises, particularly during the daytime and by the local West End community.

Your Committee believes that the creation of an attractive second lounge in the club would increase club use and attract new members. This new lounge would provide an alternative, quieter social space on evenings when there is nosier activity in the main lounge; it would include a catering area for sandwiches and light food. The second lounge would open up the potential for commercial/community lettings of the main lounge and adjoining rooms during the daytime on weekdays, with the alternative second lounge available for club members to use.

All three tables on the snooker room are rarely used together. Most local clubs maintain two tables for member use and competitions. The removal of one table would open up the potential to create a second lounge. Plans have been produced to illustrate how the current snooker room can be divided, with separate access to the two lounges and the new snooker room. There are two alternative schemes and views are invited on these alternatives*. It is important we maintain a good facility for playing snooker and the remaining two tables will be refurbished.

The Committee has applied for grant aid to fund the works from the Parish Council’s Community Infrastructure fund, made up of contributions by local property developers. It is also applying for grants from other national and local funds. So far we have raised one funding pledge. We may also seek contributions from club members (money and voluntary labour) and run special fund-raising events. The ideal budget for the works is around £35,000 but could be reduced if necessary by scaling down the plans and use of voluntary labour by club members.

There will be an opportunity to ask questions about the scheme at the AGM on 30 May. The Committee would welcome constructive comments from club members about the plans and other ideas to increase income.

(*Displayed in the Committee Room) – The Club Committee – 3 May 2019