Club Information

There is now a new door entry system 

  • The old key fobs system is now discontinued. They no longer operate the door.
  • To operate the door, club members have to swipe their new membership card through the illuminated slot which is next to the old key fob mechanism. They should ensure that they are running the black magnetic line on their card through the slot. (People should be careful not to store their cards in a pouch with their mobile phones as this can corrupt the magnetic stripe).
  • Members also need to present their new card at the bar when they purchase drinks, so that they purchase at ‘member prices’ (otherwise they will pay 15% more, which is the non-member rate). Any member who forgets their card will be charged at the higher rate.
  • The deadline for renewing memberships is at the end of February after which former members will need to apply to re-join. This includes Honorary members.
  • People can renew their cards at the bar most evenings. It is helpful to speed up the process if they can mail in details (name and address) and a photo in advance so the card can be ready for collection in advance when they pay over the fee (email: Joint memberships need to provide a photo with both faces. The photo comes up at the till to confirm identification.
  • All non members must be signed in by a member, who is then responsible for the conduct of their guests and pay £1 admission charge (more for entertainment events).  A member can sign in up to two guests at a time (special arrangements apply to party bookings). Guests will be given a four digit number which operates the door pad at the front entrance, and so can temporarily leave the building during their visit. (The key pad number is changed daily.) Non-Members pay a higher price for drinks at the bar.
  • Membership Fees are £20 for single and £33 for Joint.  Hon Membership starts at age 68.