West End Village 1910West End Social Club (WESC) is a long established popular club operating from premises in the centre of West End village, in the Woking area. Opened in 1886 The Village Institute provided a much needed central point for villagers to meet. The Rev O Glanville was Chairman of the founding meeting in 1885 and Rev Haggard the first President, followed in 1908 by Rev Mills Robbins. Second only to the church the Institute was the most important building in the village. In 1912 the land on which the building stood was purchased from the War Department for £50.00 and an extension, with a veranda, accessed by a flight of steps was completed.

Through out the 1st world war the Institute remained open and very active, providing support for local men serving in the forces. A new Club room with a veranda was opened on 4th December 1926 and the Working Men’s Club formed in 1927. Mr Fred Miles was appointed as Steward and the bar opened at 6-o-clock on Monday 12th December 1927. Through the 1930s further improvements to the building were made and the Club became well supported and the Institute [which was separate from the Club] being used by all the local organisations. With the onset of the 2nd World War once again the Club and Institute provided support for local men serving in the forces hosting many fund raising events.

By 1950 pressure was mounting for women to have equal rights as they could not use the all male preserve of the Club Room. By January 1952 ladies had limited access to the bar but by December it was agreed to admit ladies to the Club Room on all occasions. They now have equality with men.

1945 Darts TeamThrough 1968 the Club was extended and major improvements made, bringing the facilities up to date encouraging members to bring their wives and friends to the frequent social evenings. With the increased membership a full time Secretary was appointed in January 1975. In 1976 further improvements were made to the premises and membership continued to increase. The formal opening of the improved Club was held in January 1977 with 400 members being catered for. In the 1990s moving with the times the Club name was changed to West End Social Club.

The most recent improvements to benefit our 700 plus members, are air conditioning, new toilets [including disabled facilities] a smoking shelter and the intention again moving with the times by creating an outside area with seating and a licence to allow drinks to be consumed there.