Club Rules


  1. The Club shall be called WEST END SOCIAL CLUB (WESC), “The Club”.


  1. The purpose of the Club shall be to provide recreation, sporting activities and social interaction for the public inhabitants of West End and surrounding area.
  2. The Club is an unincorporated community charitable association recognised by Surrey Heath Borough Council.
  3. An annual membership fee will be set by the management committee, and confirmed at the AGM.
  4. The Club owns Freehold property for the provision or support of the Clubs purpose, and is responsible for the infrastructure to exist as a Club.
  5. The purpose of Club membership is to provide funds to sustain the Club.
  6. The Club shall aspire to be a place that is a safer environment for people by way of membership.
  7. The Club will be open to supporting charitable and community organisations with the Club premise availability at appropriate times of the day by agreement of the committee.
  8. The Club aspires to promote traditional indoor sporting activities, support and promote opportunities for performing artists.
  9. The Club will generally offer free access to facilities for charitable and community causes but reserve the right to cover reasonable operating costs for events if deemed appropriate by the committee.


  1. The Club shall consist of a President, four Vice-Presidents and members above the age of eighteen years. The Club shall be under the management of a Committee comprising 1 President, 4 Vice-Presidents, 1 Treasurer and 12 elected members above the age of 19 years (6 of these 12 to retire annually but they shall be eligible for re-election). The retiring members of the Committee are to be replaced annually by ballot.
  2. The officers (Presidents and Treasurer) and committee of WESC are unpaid volunteers.
  3. WESC has 3 trustees appointed by the officers and management committee of WESC.
  4. In the event of WESC ceasing to exist the Trustees shall ensure all debtors are paid, with the remainder proceeds from sale of any assets be distributed to local “not for profit” organisations within West End and surrounding area, meeting the same purpose as WESC.
  5. Members nominated to serve on the Committee must have been members of the Club for one full year and their current subscriptions duly paid.
  6. The Committee may, from time to time, fill up any casual vacancy that occurs and may exercise all or any of the powers hereby conferred upon it notwithstanding any such vacancy.
  7. Members nominated to serve on the Committee will be proposed and seconded by fully paid up club members.


Constitution (continued)

  1. The President, Vice-Presidents, Treasurer and Accountant shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting.
  2. The Committee shall always consist of a majority of Members who currently reside in West End.
  3. The Accountant shall audit the accounts before presentation to the Annual General Meeting.
  4. The President, Vice-Presidents and Treasurer shall be ex-officio members of the committee. This includes the right to discuss, debate, make decisions, and vote. The Secretary shall convene all meetings, keep minutes of all proceedings, conduct all correspondence and be responsible for the collection of subscriptions and pay over and account to the Treasurer for all moneys received by the secretary on account of the Club.
  5. The Committee is set at a minimum of 5 to be quorate, it shall meet monthly and any other occasion when it is necessary.
  6. The President or Secretary may call such occasional meetings without requisition, or by the written application of any 3 Members of the Committee.
  7. The Committee shall have the power to make Bye-Laws for the general management of the Club and shall decide on all questions relating to the welfare of the Club.
  8. The general management of the Club (except as otherwise provided by in these Rules) shall be carried out by the Committee.
  9. The Committee shall have power to delegate any of its functions and duties, either temporarily or otherwise, to Sub-Committees constituted from their own body for the discharge of any offices or duties assigned to them but the Committee shall be responsible for all action taken by such Sub-Committee. The sub committees can make recommendations to the full committee for adoption.
  10. There shall be an Annual General Meeting of the Club within 3 months of the end of the Financial Year. The date of the AGM will be set each year and displayed on the club noticeboard with at least 2 weeks prior notice to the Annual General Meeting date. A quorum shall be 40 members present.
  11. A comprehensive report of the condition of the Club with a balance sheet of income and expenditure for the past year having been properly prepared shall be presented at the AGM. The result of the ballot for the 6 new members of the management committee shall also be reported. Time shall be allowed for open forum.
  12. Any proposals must be in written form and must reach the Secretary at least 10 working (Mon-Fri) days prior to the date of the Annual General Meeting.
  13. The Committee may call an Extraordinary General Meeting of the Club at any time that they may deem necessary without any requisition and further may call a Special General Meeting on the written requisition of 12 members of the Club whose subscriptions for the time being shall be fully paid up. Such requisition shall state the object or business for which the meeting is to be called and shall be delivered to the Secretary at least 21 days before the date of such meeting.


Constitution (continued)

  1. The Committee shall have due regard to any resolution or recommendation of any General Meeting but shall not be bound to give effect to the same if, in its judgement, such action would be injurious to the best interest of the Club. A quorum for any Annual, Extraordinary or Special General Meeting shall be 40 members present.
  2. All references to Members in this document as males shall be taken as also referring to female Members.
  3. Any notice under these Rules shall be sufficient if bearing the name of the Secretary and sent by post to the address of the Member held on record.
  4. All matters relating to the Club, not otherwise provided for by the Rules or Bye-Laws, and all disputes as to the construction, meaning or operation thereof, or any personal differences or disputes between Members shall be under the control, management, direction, disposition and decision of the Committee for the time being.
  5. The Club shall not be dissolved without the consent of two-thirds of the Members, who may vote with an authorised proxy, at a General Meeting to sanction dissolution of the club. Members must have been fully paid up for preceding 12 months of the General Meeting date, and not under suspension. The committee shall retain the right to cease trading until a vote is held.
  6. There shall be 3 trustees of the Club in whom all the property of the Club, other than cash which shall be under the control of the Treasurer, shall be vested to be dealt with by them as the Committee shall from time to time direct by resolution of which an entry in the signed Minutes of the Meeting shall be conclusive evidence. The Trustees shall be appointed by the Committee. The Trustees shall be indemnified against risk and expense out of Club property. The Trustees shall hold office by a resolution of the Committee who may, for any reason which may seem sufficient to the majority of those present and voting at any meeting, remove any Trustee from the office of Trustee.
  7. The Trustees of the Club may, when authorised thereto by General Meeting or by the Committee, be permitted borrow money for the purpose of the Club and may hold, purchase or take on lease, any land or building and may sell, exchange, mortgage, charge, lease or build upon the land with power to alter and pull down buildings and again re-build if deemed in the best interests of the Club and membership.
  8. The committee, officers of the Club and trustees shall be indemnified by insurance against all actions brought by a member or third party.
  9. The bar permitted hours shall be the same as General Licensing Hours.
  10. A Bar Committee of Members of at least 2 years paid up membership shall be elected by the Committee, and shall meet monthly or on any occasion when necessary. The Bar Committee shall report to the general Committee their findings and recommendations.


Constitution (continued)

  1. No drunkenness, bad language or other misconduct shall be permitted on the Club premises. Any Member offending under this rule will be dealt with by the Committee under Rule 43.
  2. No purchased, but unconsumed, intoxicating liquor shall be brought on to, or removed from, the Club premises. The only intoxicating liquor to be consumed on Club premises shall be that which has been purchased from the Club bar. Any Member who contravenes this section shall be excluded from the Club. The Bar Manager, Secretary, President, Vice-President or any other member of the Committee shall be empowered to order the removal of any Member offending under any of the reasons specified in this Rule, from the Club premises, and such Member shall consider himself suspended and their re-election as a Member shall be at the discretion of the Committee.
  3. The Committee shall have the power to reprimand, suspend or expel any Member who has violated Rule 41 and 42 or any other Rule or Bye-Law or whose conduct, whether within the Club premises or elsewhere, shall in their opinion render him unfit for membership of the Club; but no Member, unless convicted by a Court of Summary Jurisdiction or other Court, shall be suspended or expelled without first being summoned before the Committee (except violation of rules Rule 41 and 42) and full opportunity afforded them to explain their conduct as appropriate. On this occasion the vote of at least two-thirds of the Committee, then present, is required for their suspension or expulsion. Every Member so summoned shall receive at least 3 clear working days (Mon-Fri) notice in writing, to the address held on club record, from the Secretary; such notice shall contain a statement of the charge brought against him or reason for summons.
  4. Any Member, who has been suspended, may not use the Club until suspension is over.

Election of Members to the Committee

  1. A candidate for election must be proposed in writing by one Member and seconded by another (to each of whom he must be personally known) and the name and address of the Candidate, with the names of the Proposer and Seconder including addresses must be entered on the application form.
  2. Anyone who has been suspended from the club within the last 5 years (or who has been removed from the Committee for non-attendance or misconduct) will not be eligible for standing for election to the Committee.
  3. Election to become a club member shall be approved by the Committee on their next meeting following the date of the proposal.
  4. Honorary membership shall be granted to Members reaching the age of 68 years, provided they have been fully paid members for not less than 10 years – this period to be unbroken, or who have rendered special service to the Club or in any other special circumstance which the Committee may consider worthy of such membership.
  5. Honorary Members must renew their membership the same as for ordinary members.
  6. Honorary Members shall have equivalent rights to members in all respects.



A Member agrees to pay the annual subscription which automatically lapses without settlement by the 31st
No Member in arrears shall be permitted to use the Club and must re-join to continue membership.

  1. A Membership Card shall be given to each person on becoming a Member of the Club. The subscription amount and year will be recorded on the Club membership register, and be initialled when the Member has paid their subscription for that year. The Membership Card must be produced whenever asked for by any member of the committee or bar staff.
  2. A Member may introduce friends as their guests but no member may introduce more than two at one time. The guest and the Member introducing them shall sign their names in a book kept for record, and the member introducing such a guest shall pay a sum approved by the Committee. These conditions shall not apply to the introduction by a Member of their spouse/partner; the admission of who shall be subject to any regulations as may, from time to time, be made by the Committee.
  3. The member that signs in guests, or lead person responsible for a function booking, shall be liable and responsible during the time the guests or party are on Club premises, and shall ensure Club rules are abided by.
  4. The following may not be admitted as guests:

(i) Former Members who have been expelled.
(ii) Persons who, having been nominated for membership, have been rejected.
(iii) Members under suspension.

  1. Members must accompany guests introduced by them during the period of their stay in the Club. The Committee reserves the right on any special occasion to exclude or limit the number of guests admitted to the premises.
  2. Members details shall be managed in accordance with Data Protection laws prevalent in the UK.
  3. Children must be under strict supervision at all times and shall not be allowed in the bar area nor shall they be allowed to operate gaming machines.
  4. The committee will consider waiver of membership subscription in cases of hardship. It also may decline any application for membership at its discretion.


Forfeiture of Subscriptions

  1. Any Member who shall cease to belong to the Club, either by resignation or otherwise, shall forfeit their Subscription, and their right to enquire into the affairs of the Club.
  2. It is illegal to supply messengers on behalf of Members. The supply must be to the Member. It is a breach of the intention of the law for a Member to purchase intoxicants at the Club and give it to a messenger or relative to take off club premises.
  3. A suspended Member shall forfeit all their rights and privileges under these Rules but shall remain liable to pay their subscription during their suspension and, if an Officer or Member of the Committee, he shall vacate such Office or Seat.


  1. No persons under the age of 18 years may be served with intoxicating liquors.
  2. Members and guests must be properly dressed at all times – no soiled clothing should be worn. In summer tailored shorts and plain T-shirts are permissible.
  3. A copy of this document is to be exhibited in the Club.
  4. There may be admitted to the Club’s Registered Premises persons other than Members who are guests of Members, or performing artists, or at the direction of the committee, and intoxicating liquor may be sold to such persons of the age of 18 years and over by, or on behalf of, the Club for consumption on the Premises.
  5. On not more than 24 occasions per annum, (excluding hire by charitable organisations) persons attending privately organised functions in the areas provided by the Club for that purpose, may purchase intoxicating liquor on the occasion of that attendance.



  1. The Club shall be open in accordance with the local Bye-Laws governing licensed premises.
  2. The permitted hours for supplying intoxicants shall be as stated in Bye-Law 1. (subject to any alteration in State licensing hours). On Christmas day and Boxing Day the Club will not be open for the evening session.
  3. Every article supplied to Members or their guests or spouse/partner must be paid for at the time according to the Tariff displayed in the Bar as under no circumstances whatsoever shall credit be given to, or accounts opened with Members.
  4. All Members shall pay the full cost of repairing or replacing any article or property of the Club that has been damaged, destroyed or lost by them or their guests.
  5. No Member shall on any pretence take away, injure or destroy any newspapers, pamphlets, books or other articles that are the property of the Club.
  6. No animals (with the exception of guide dogs for the blind) shall be allowed in the Club under any circumstances.
  7. All complaints or suggestions shall be made in writing to the Secretary and must be signed in full by the Member(s) making them.
  8. Every Member shall have a copy of the Rules and Bye-Laws and he shall communicate to the Secretary any change in their residential address.
  9. The first copy of Rules and Bye-Laws will be supplied gratis. Any Member losing their copy will be charged a fee (the amount to be set by the Committee) for a new copy.
  10. Any Member introducing a guest and not signing the appropriate book renders himself liable to be reprimanded.


Snooker and Billiards – Rules

  1. Members wishing to play when all tables are occupied must write their names on the blackboard in the Snooker Room and can claim a table in the order in which their names appear provided they remain on Club premises. No Member while playing may put down, or cause their name to be put down, for another game.
  2. Any Member cutting the cloth or injuring the table, cues or balls will be held responsible for the cost of repairing the same.
  3. No Member shall throw money on the snooker/billiard tables or sit upon the cushions any part of the snooker/billiard tables. It is also requested that Members replace the cues in the stand on the termination of the game and replace table covers in position.


West End Social Club hereby adopts and accepts this constitution as a current operating guide regulating the actions of members.

The Club President, Officers and Committee accept and abide by the constitution of the club upon accepting office.