To comply with COVID regulations. Music will be performed at moderate volume and will be a non-dancing music event. Admission will be controlled and the maximum capacity of the room is 70 persons. Doors open 7pm To avoid queueing and to prioritise club members, tickets for the music events will be available in the week before the event, for collection at the bar. These are being issued one per member (two for joint membership) for £2 per ticket. Members need to produce their card to collect their ticket. If they wish to collect a ticket for someone else they need that person’s card or membership number and their name will be recorded as having collected the ticket on the other member’s behalf. No non-member tickets will be available in advance. Any unsold advance tickets will be available on the night from 7.00 onwards for members (£2) and non-members (£5). Tickets will be available during the week prior to the event All tickets will be numbered.